The east bay Alarm Association recommends the following steps for consumers to take to help make the right decision in choosing the services of a reputable security and fire alarm company:

• Ask your family, friends or business associates for referrals.
• Contact at least 3 alarm companies for a quote.

Prior to making an appointment, ask the alarm company the following questions:

• Are they a member of the national, state and local associations?
• Do they possess the appropriate licenses for work to be performed?
• Are their employees registered as “alarm agents” with the state?
• Do they have worker’s compensation and general liability insurance?

When a company representative visits, ask them for their identification and for the following:

• A security inspection
• Recommendations with a written proposal
• A list of referrals


Remember that a good alarm system is an investment in your security and personal well-being. Know the security company that you are working with and make sure you understand exactly what protection you are getting for your investment.

The system needs to be built around your lifestyle and keep your family, employees and valuables safe. In alarms, as in many other things, you generally get what you pay for. Remember that your property and perhaps your life are at stake. What appears to be a “bargain” may actually prove to be a severely compromised or extremely limited alarm system.

You may only get one chance to protect yourself from harm. Keeping this in mind, choose your security company with care.